Migrating to a new host today…

… and all very rushed it is, too. TSO Host finally pushed me over the edge with their naff attitude towards customers in general.

If it’s not unannounced price hikes (in the magnitude of 70%), it’s randomly suspending sites when they notice a little bit of new traffic coming their way! Suspicious activity? No. Traffic is, surely, kinda the POINT!?

Hoping that a quick weekend move – to 1&1 IONOS – mitigates any losses of the time we’ve invested into PR this week.

A Talented Collective

Esc(ape) Online’s writer / creator Christopher Kerr, along with friend to the project JR Bryden – who also lends his voice to some of our sizzle-reel characters –  named as winners from the Hollywood Hills Awards logline competition!

Christopher is collaborating with JR on a potential Television adaptation of the latter’s literary trilogy:  The Metonym.

“A pragmatic detective is forced to question his sanity when confronted by a morally conflicted serial-killer.” – https://jrbryden.wordpress.com/writing/